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The tuition fees

Studying at the WAM? it pays off!

A degree programme is the perfect investment in your professional future and paves the way to your dream job. To work in the creative industry, experience and a good mix of technical skills and theoretical know-how are of great importance. And this is exactly what WAM prepares you for with its practice-orientated teaching concept: You will learn from professionals, build up a professional network, work on exciting practical projects, try out new things again and again and constantly engage in reflective dialogue with lecturers and fellow students. You will learn all the important skills you need to gain a foothold in the creative industry and prove yourself in the long term. As a private educational institution, WAM Die Medienakademie charges tuition fees for the live online programme. These fees are monthly contributions that cover the total cost of the programme. In addition to the monthly fees, there is a one-off registration and final examination fee. You can find an overview of all costs in the table below.

The tuition fees include all lessons, recordings, scripts, use of the digital teaching platform, the Adobe Creative Suite and browser-based Microsoft use.

The tuition fees

Communication design for sustainable business and social change: 390,00 ,- € / month

Illustration: 390,00 ,- € / month

Examination and certificate fees:

One-off admission fee: 620,00 ,- €

Final examination (incl. final certificate): 400,00 ,- €

work on the side

Provided they show some initiative and self-organisation, many students are able to earn money on the side during their studies: The programme is structured into theoretical and practical phases, making it easy to plan your free time. Many WAM students gain experience in agencies, companies and broadcasters during their studies, earning not only money but also recognition.

Finance and deduct

We will be happy to advise you on financing your studies at WAM. In addition to the monthly payment of tuition fees, quarterly or half-yearly payments are also possible.

Educational loans

If you need help with financing your tuition fees, ask your bank about student loans. These are designed to finance your tuition fees during your

studies at favourable interest rates and independently of your parents' income. So get in touch with a bank of your choice and ask for advice.

Further costs during the study programme

Depending on your personal starting situation and subject, other possible costs include the purchase of hardware and software for a computer workstation at home or a mobile laptop, if this is not already available. In the design departments, material costs for drawing utensils may be incurred. In the film department, costs may be incurred for shooting the examination film as part of the intermediate and final examinations if this cannot be financed through sponsorship or funding. And, of course, individual costs such as travel or accommodation costs may be incurred as part of excursions and participation in competitions or projects.