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When the clock shows 12 o'clock, Pia quietly closes her laptop. Although the online lecture isn't over yet, the communication and media design student has an important appointment that she can't miss, so she gets on her bike and rides quickly to the next neighbourhood.

She stops in front of a colourful bungalow. "Mum!" can already be heard loudly from the garden fence. Pia picks up her two-year-old son Lucas from nursery school.

Pia is therefore part of a minority. Only five per cent of all students in Germany have children, according to a survey by the Deutsches Studentenwerk. The main reason for the low rate: students are unable to reconcile studying with having children.

Pia shows that there is another way. Her online study programme at WAM gives her maximum flexibility. Although she also has a fixed timetable and follows the lectures live on her laptop, if something comes up with the child, she can watch the lecture later from the comfort of her own home.

The big advantage of studying online is the great flexibility. Studying with a child is therefore very relaxed here. Pia started studying right after Lucas was born, so she is studying while on parental leave. She made a conscious decision in favour of WAM when she wanted to study with her baby. This is because WAM is unique in Germany with its innovative study concept. The prescribed structure was important to Pia because she feared that she would otherwise get caught up in nappies and baby food. And she didn't want to miss out on socialising with her fellow students. And finally, she didn't have to move away to study. That was also very important to her, because her parents live in the neighbouring town and can quickly look after their grandson if there is a fire.

These subjects can be studied online at the WAM:

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Why studying with a child works well at WAM:

  • The study information day takes place online.
  • The application interview is conducted via Zoom.
  • A reliable timetable helps you to organise your studies.
  • Lectures take place live online and time-shifted learning is possible.
  • Regular (chat) contact with lecturers and tutors.
  • Instead of exams, there are assignments with practical relevance as a basis for assessment.
  • Portfolio is available in the Adobe Cloud for applications at any time.