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the flexible live online study programme at wam

Do you want to study without leaving your familiar surroundings and without having to put up with the typical disadvantages of an impersonal distance learning programme? Then WAM is the right place for you! The innovative live-online study concept offers you the opportunity to stay at home and keep your familiar surroundings as well as complete a personal and community-based degree programme.

With an online degree programme at WAM, you are completely independent of location and can work from wherever you happen to be. Whether at home at your desk, in a café during your lunch break, on the train with headphones or on the beach in Bali - with digital studies at WAM, you have all the freedom you need to realise your full potential.

Learn what New Work means during your studies and prepare yourself individually for your creative future with us.

Your studies at WAM take place 100 per cent online: Your application, first semester welcome, lessons and final exams are all held online. In some subject areas, however, there are attendance phases in addition to the regular online lessons. You can find more information on the respective degree programme pages.

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  • Practice-orientated learning and working with professionals from the industry
  • Creation of a digital portfolio with your personal student research projects
  • Practical implementation of what has been learnt in an internship in the 4th semester
  • Building a professional network and establishing initial contacts in the target industry

Programme structure

Theory and practice alternating

The online degree programme at WAM is not an ordinary degree programme like those offered at large universities or universities of applied sciences. Instead of a weekly timetable with often more than ten parallel subjects per semester, the semesters at WAM are divided into clearly defined module blocks. These blocks each last six weeks and are divided into a three-week theoretical and practical phase. Two subjects are taught in parallel per module block.

This teaching concept enables a strong concentration on certain thematic study focuses and ensures an intensive and focussed examination of the respective modules. While the theory phase of each module block teaches the basics, theoretical approaches, backgrounds and knowledge, the practical phase is designed to apply what has been learnt and implement it in practical tasks. In this way, a direct link can be established between theory and practice.

Who is an online degree programme suitable for?

If some of these aspects apply to you, then an online degree programme is the right choice for you.

  • I would like to combine my studies with my job
  • I would like to stay at home
  • I have children (at home)
  • I need clearly structured days
  • I can work from anywhere
  • I learn better in small units
  • I would like to be assessed on the basis of portfolio-related practical work instead of exams

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