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You're not quite sure what studying at WAM is like and what conditions await you? Do you still have questions about the degree programme, financing or the requirements for studying at WAM? In our FAQ you will find answers to frequently asked questions and further information about our degree programme.

What degree do I get at WAM?

At the WAM, you will receive the university's internal, professionally qualifying WAM Diploma in most subject areas. With the WAM Diploma in your pocket, you can make a successful start to your professional life.
In addition to a wealth of practical and theoretical knowledge, you will also develop a versatile portfolio and a large network, giving you the best possible start to your future.

Why can't I get a Bachelor's degree at WAM?

WAM is an independent creative academy and not a state university. We therefore award an internal university diploma and not a Bachelor's degree.
However, the training at WAM is in no way inferior to studying at a state university, which is why our graduates also start their careers very successfully.

Can I even get a job without a Bachelor's degree?

In the creative industries in particular, a good portfolio and a large network are primarily important and only secondarily the degree. This is why WAM attaches particular importance to a high proportion of practical work during
the programme, so that students have a comprehensive portfolio at the end. As a result, our graduates have the same job opportunities as graduates with a Bachelor's degree.

Do I receive Bafög during my studies at the wam?

As the WAM is an independent academy and also offers an exclusively digital degree programme, students at the WAM are not eligible for Bafög. However, there are several other organisations that offer financial support.
In addition, the WAM concept is designed in such a way that there is always the opportunity to work part-time during your studies in order to finance your studies. You can find more information on financing here.

Why do I have to pay tuition fees?

The WAM is an independent academy that is privately funded. This means that the WAM lives solely from tuition fees and receives no support from the
state or other organisations.

What costs will I incur during my studies?

The amount varies between €390 and €490 per month, depending on the faculty. In principle, however, every student at WAM pays a one-off
registration fee of €620 and a final examination fee of €400. You can find out more here.

What requirements do I have to fulfil to be accepted at the WAM?

To study at WAM, you should have a university entrance qualification and a certain talent for the respective subject area. In order to convince us of your
talents in your application, you should ideally already have some work samples in your field.

Can I also study at WAM without a school-leaving certificate?

If you have a particular artistic talent, it is also possible to study at WAM without a (specialised) Abitur. This would have to be considered  
individually in a personal interview.

How does studying at WAM work?

Studying at WAM is based on a live online concept. This means that you can study full-time regardless of where you live and don't have to miss out on a personal study experience. You spend the fixed lessons in real time with your fellow students and the rest of the time you organise yourself individually
and flexibly. Whether you are a school leaver, a parent or a part-time student, the live online degree programme offers a study option for everyone. You can find more information about the study concept here.

How can I combine my job and studies?

We attach great importance to our students having the opportunity to work part-time during their studies. That's why the timetables are designed so that
you have at least one day off a week. In addition, lessons are recorded so that you can always catch up on missed material if time does not allow.

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